Friday, 17 June 2011

Friday Inspiration - Zoe Saldana

Hi lovelies,
Sorry I have been MIA for awhile; same old story; busy busy busy with the day job and not enough time for fun. I'm so happy it's Friday (Yehh!!!) and I am looking forward to a fun packed weekend with the girls, hopefully the weather will be great.

My Friday Inspiration is Zoe Saldana. She has been one of my favourite actress for a long time. Her style is very colourful and refreshing, with some fashion forward pieces; whether she is wearing a slim-fit jeans and blouse or stepping out in a playful print mini dress, the actress`s repertoire of ensembles is consistently on-point, which is why I couldn`t be more pleased to showcase some of my favourite outfits of hers.

Though her statement-making selections are certainly impressive, her approach to minimalism is equally noteworthy. Her looks are always feminine and soft, with very minimal make-up.

Her pink print pouf dress and sparkling cropped jacket is absolutely adorable; showing her ability to pick pieces that accentuates her petite frame without overwhelming her body. She chooses feminine pieces that shows off her favourite assets - her long toned legs, and with very minimal make-up she flaunts her beautiful and flawless skin. 
 Zoe Saldana is truly a perfect example of what I call a natural beauty.

What do you think?
Let me know how you feel about Zoe Saldana's style.

p.s. I recently sewed a lovely pleated skirt and I will be posting the pictures over the weekend. Make sure you check it out.

Have a wonderful Friday.


  1. I love her style. It's so adorable.
    Nice posts!

  2. She's definitely got style

    Lola x

  3. I love love love Zoe Saldana. Her style is perfection. And she can be classic or daring. I wonder how tall she is in person. She's so beautiful.

  4. i just think she's so naturally CUTE. great sense of style

  5. Very nice style, love it!

  6. Okk she's so gorgeous, I loooove her!

  7. she's the cutest :)


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