Sunday, 25 December 2011

That Grey Fur Coat

Faux Fur Coat - OASIS, Tee - Topshop, Jeans - Miss Selfridge, Boots & Rings -H&M, 

It seems like forever since I last posted and I really don't like that feeling. There's always something that prevents me from blogging every week; it either work, lack of camera man or woman (Opps! I meant my lovely friends, lit' sis or boyfriend), the weather (most especially the rain)...I know it sounds like I am making excuses, but these things do have a negative impact to my blog. So, I have a plan for the year 2012, which is: to get a tripod so i can take some of the pictures by myself, pray for sunny weather and finally, MAKE TIME. I really hope I stick to that...but I guess well see. Ok, that's enough of me rambling, on to the next.
So, I`ve been in Lincoln for a few days now, enjoying my holidays and spending some quality time with my mom and sis. Whenever I am there, everything just feels a lot calmer and relaxing, I think it's because life outside London is alot slow-paced, there are less traffic on the road, there are loads of beautiful sceneries and the air is a lot fresher... I really love it down here. The few days I spend in Lincoln is always a complete contrast to my life back in London and I always make sure I enjoy every moment of it.
I got my little sis to take my picture on our way to town this afternoon with my brand new CANON E1100d camera (Yah!!!). I'm still learning how to use it, but so far so good, it is frecking fantastic. It's very easy to use and the pictures come out amazing, with very minimum effort :) Love it!!!
It`s Christmas Day and I have alot to be thankful life, my new job, family, bf, friends...just so much to be thankful for. I will be spending the day with my mom, sis and other members of my family(as usual), exchanging gifts, cracking jokes and being merry. 

I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas. May the Christmas season, fill your home with joy

your heart with love & your life with laughter. 
Love Temi.


  1. Oh I understand you, December has been crazy... But im so happy to be back boggling =)

    Your style is lovely and Im so happy I found your blog =) Merry Christmas =)

  2. Love the fur coat! and a merry christmas! x

  3. you look stunning i love the faux fur gorgeous x

  4. Love ur outfits, great tastes, gorgeous, love a girl who knows just how to look after urself, im now a follower ! Merry Christmas and happy new year xxx yasmine

  5. Love your style. I'm your new follower xoxo

  6. Beautiful love the faux fur alot !!!
    do you want to follow each other?

  7. you are so pretty! I love the faux fur :)

  8. loving all your outfits and your blog! following you now! :)


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