Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Typical Me

 Faux Jacket - NEWLOOK, Boots & Tee- H&M, Hat, Shorts & Belt- PRIMARK

Just a quick post of one of my go-to, everyday look. Some of my friends might find this hard to believe, but sometimes all I want to wear is a comfortable pair of short with a tee-shirt, comfy boots and my beloveth hat...I call it my wanna be rock-chic look (*giggles*). My hat is one of my life savers. Whenever I can't be bother to do anything to my hair or wear makeup, I put on my hat and it disguises all my imperfections. I guess sometimes a girl just can't be bothered with the long process, but still wonna look good. Do you get my drift?

What's your go-to look? 
 Let me know 
Love Temi.


  1. great outfit!I feel like that almost everyday.I guess thats why I dont really wear makeup.You still look great!:*

  2. Very Cute!

  3. You look sweet! I love the hat!

    I tagged you in a post on my blog! Would love for you to check it out to see what it entails! Thanks! God Bless!

    Tell the World

  4. Loving this outfit!!! My go to look is a blazer, tee, and jeans!

  5. Thanks hun. That's definitely my second fav look :)

  6. Very Cute! Love this loook on you!!


  7. this is such a sweet outfit and you look mega cute too xoxo

  8. Love finding new blogs. outfit is so cute and looks good.
    Following your blog xoxo


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