Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Spring Crush

Trousers & Jacket - H&M, Top & Purse- PRIMARK, Shoes - TOPSHOP

 On Saturday, I woke up to the ray of sunshine coming through my window and I smiled knowing this would be a beautiful day. Spring has finally sprung and I welcome it with open arms, and with such a beautiful weather at sight, what else is there to do but to wear the most colourful outfit to celebrate the start of a new season. My weekend was amazing; spending time with old friends, my hubby and chilling in the sun...my idea of absolute bliss. Hope you all had a lovely weekend? Love Temi

Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments on my last post. I really appreciate your kind words ;)

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  1. Your outfit is gorgeous! You are beautiful!

  2. These pants are a favorite amongst us fashionista's...you wore them well!


  3. beautiful! i love the jacket.

  4. I've got them trousers, they look so nice and fitted on you. I went in and the size they had was abit big and they said they've sold out so I bought it, come in at the weekend and my size was there and I've already worn the bigger one :(... I'll still rock them lol...x

    1. Oh no!!! that's a shame. I hate it when that happens. The first time i went to the store to buy it, I couldnt find my size either, so i waited, impaitently, until i found this one. I even bought a size 6 instead of an 8 because i wanted a slim fit. Lol

  5. Love Love your outfit everything is on point <3 x


  6. I love those H&M pants and the top you paired it with !


  7. absolutely adore those pants!!..

  8. love the pants - they look great on you.

  9. i love the floral pants doll, and the blazer too plus your skin you have to give me your secret...
    check out my blog sometime http://pisces22-gracealice.blogspot.com/

  10. amazing pants!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'd love if you could visit my newest blog post? Maybe we could follow each other?

    Georgi at 7wonders xx

  11. Seems like every blogger is rocking this pants!You wear it well hun

  12. I have search far and wide for those trousers. they look amazing. x


Thanks for all your lovely comments, you've made my day. x